There are a few different types of small guitars, which are designed for different purposes. The type of small guitar you buy depends on what you need it for. We cover these options for you below:

Kids Guitar

These small, minature guitars are designed for kids so they can have some fun playing music and not be weighed down by some huge guitar. The quality on these guitars varies, some only come with 4 strings, often resembling a ukulele. The benefit to these is that kids can easily pick them up and begin playing almost straight away. They’re a great idea for parties, and make a original present for their birthday or christmas. Whilst these guitars make a sound, they are not considered professional instruments.

Backpacker & Travel Guitars

These guitars are designed to small and lightweight, so they are easy to travel around with. Often, they are small enough to fit in the overhead baggage department, so are great for stowing away on a plane, bus, train, etc… Because you don’t need to stow them away in separate luggage areas there is less risk of them being stolen or damaged. The great advantage to Travel & Backpacker guitars is that they offer a full rich sound, yet are easy to carry around. It’s this reason many people have them when they’re travelling around on long trips or vacation. They often come with a case, which will easy attach onto a backpack.

Professional Minature Guitars

These types of small guitars are miniature versions of professional guitars, designed usually for kids who are looking at getting serious and playing and learning the guitar. Because a usual kids guitar isn’t really the kind of guitar you would want your kids to learn guitar on, professional minature guitars have been made to offer both quality of sound, and a small size so they’re easy for kids to use. Look at buying one of these if your child is interested in learning the guitar.